Tone, Tighten and Fat Reduction Sculpting with Cold and Thermal Shock

What is CryoGlo?

CryoGlo is a gentle non-invasive massage wand with the option of adding static pads that can tone skin, sculpt and kill fat cells. This is done with alternating hot and cold temperatures creating a thermal shock as well an option to add as EMS, Electromagnetic Stimulation for muscle toning. CryoGlo technology is customized to your glow goals. 

During the CryoGlo Body sessions, your fat cells die immediately and then your lymphatic system gets to work to metabolize the destroyed fat cell. We can customize the sessions to reduce and break up cellulite.

Our toning sessions goal is to increase microcirculation by vasodilation of the blood cells. This creates more oxygenation, increases metabolism and collagen production.

Schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss the best program to reach your glow goals.

CryoGlo Face

30 minutes

CryoGlo Face tones, lifts, reduces pore size and stimulates collagen production and microcirculation for an immediate glow.


Best results are 1 -2 times a week

depending on goals for 5-8 sessions.  

+$40 mini chin 

+$40 EMS to face (must not have any metal in mouth

CryoGlo Body

Tone or Slim

Our toning sessions are optimal when you have loose skin


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EMS Static Pads with Thermoshock

For Muscle Tone and Fat Reduction

Electomagnetic Stimulation to tone and tighten muscles.

$250 Single sessions

Mix and Match

3 sessions:
$200 each ($600)
5 Sessions: $150 each ($750)
10 sessions: $100 each ($1,000)

CryoGlo Body

Fat Reduction and Sculpting

Our fat loss and contouring sessions create a thermal shock by alternating hot and cold to kill fat cells naturally. Your lymphatic system will then process them over time.

30 minutes.

CryoGlo Body

Tone or Cellulite

Our toning sessions are optimal when you have loose skin or cellulite

30 minutes