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Fat Freezing

At SculptGlow, we use the most advanced technology to give you effective elimination of fat cells. As exclusive distributors for CryoCupping™, we offer affordable body sculpting to help you reach your glow goals.  CryoCupping™ was developed by a team of medical professionals who approach non-invasive cosmetic sculpting through a wellness lens. Our goal is to help patients glow on all levels. Our integrative team of acupuncturists, functional medicine practitioners, nutritionists, fitness and wellness professionals are there to uniquely guide you to reach your glow goals!
CryoCupping™ uses a gentle vacuum suction similar to cupping in Chinese Medicine to pull the adipose tissue into the 360 degree cold cup plates. CryoCupping™ uses the latest cyro suction and rounded cold plates which is not only more gentle that the double sided cold plates of the past, but also you will experience a more effective result as more surface area is covered. You will likely leave our office with little to no bruising or uncomfortable side-effects and ready to fully engage in a heathy lifestyle.

Your skin is nurtured and protected by our protective chilled hydration membrane. Once our applicators are artistically applied to the areas we mapped out to your creative vision, you will relax with them on for 30-40 minutes, depending on the area. The applicators create a vacuum effect, holding the area in place during the session, similar to cupping in Chinese Medicine. As the cooling plates drop down to temperatures which crystallize fat cells during those first 10 minutes, most patients become numb to the cold and enter a deeper relaxation state. Most people find this experience very relaxing and choose to listen to music or have the companion of their phone.

This process triggers fat cell apoptosis which then the body's lymphatic and detox systems naturally process the fat and eliminate dead cells. Fat cell reduction is reported up to 25% but does differ from person to person and area.

Our applicators allow us to target both small and large areas such as abdomen, flanks, thighs, back and arms. Our machine is uniquely designed to allow up to four areas in one session to be treated. However, for patients who want to super charge their transformation and pass our health screening, we can apply up to 8 applicators at once.

Typical daily activities can be resumed after your session, however, we suggest adding support for your lymphatic and detox systems to optimize quicker results. Some patients will experience bruising, much like cupping in Chinese Medicine.  We highly recommend going into our hyperbaric oxygen chamber after for lymphatic and detox support or have a lymphatic air compression massage and or our red light therapy bed.

Results depend on the individual, fat thickness and area treated. Changes happen over a number of weeks, some patients begin to see noticeable results at around 3 weeks, however, 12 weeks is the estimated time to see the maximum results.
To optimize your body sculpting goals, a healthy lifestyle, detox support, blood sugar and hormonal balance is key.
For muscle toning, add Em-Muscle Sculpt.
For cellulite reduction, add red light therapy bed and lymphatic air compression. 
You can schedule a consultation with Functional Medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist, Beth Meneley, L.Ac. for a personalized wellness program.

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